Beginner’s Guide To Home Based Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal technology is for those who are no longer comfortable with either tweezing or shaving their body hair now and then. These old methods are time-consuming and less efficient. If you happen to be such a person, then Philips Lumea review can show you the best technology worth to consider. The laser technology has been embraced by many people in the recent decades due to its many benefits. As a starter in the technology, there are some points that you need to understand.

Beginner guide to home based laser hair removal

What is laser hair removal?

Well, the words hair removal may sound a bit scaryhair for many beginners but trust me that it is very safe. It is a technology that sends a beam of concentrated light into the base of the hair follicle. Some of the laser machines remove the current hair and prohibit growth of hair in that follicle in future. However, others with more advanced technology will not completely damage the follicle. It takes a long time before the hair grows back.

What are the benefits of laser hair removal

There are many advantages associated with this method. With the advancement in technology, many hand-held IPL gadgets are safe to use at home. Therefore there is no need to go and visit a spa to have the hair removed. The IPL comes with charts to guide on the intensity of light according to your skin. They also offer very useful mobile phone software that can be used to assist in doing the treatments.

The results are excellent as the skin will be smooth without the hair. This occurs after a couple of treatments as guided. Most of the handheld home based laser and IPL machines are fast, and one can fix the treatment into their tight schedules.

Are there any side effects?

woman posingNo., most of the skins, get along well with most home based IPL machines. However, it is subject to how one will follow the guidelines provided. They are safe to use on the indicated body parts like underarms and bikini area. Do they hurt? This would be an obvious question every beginner will ask. It is hard to conclude that the feeling is a pain. There is a sense of very mild pinpricks as the machine hovers along your skin. The manufacturers recommend not placing the device on top of the same area of the skin for long to avoid bruising it.


This technology is worth trying if you want to forget the issue of shaving now and then. The gadgets are sold online by various reliable companies. Consider having one today.