Choosing The Right Bathroom Vanities


If you are building a new home or redecorating it, you should get a newer model of bathroom vanities. Bathroom vanities are an essential part of your bathroom. Bathroom vanity has to match with the house and other bathroom accessories. There are different options like the Single Stone Topped Oak Vanities. You cannot buy a vanity all of a sudden. You need to make plans about which vanity will be perfect for your bathroom.

The process of choosing unique bathroom vanities can be complex, and it becomes even more complex when you need to match the vanity with your bathroom. You can follow some simple steps to make this process easier which are discussed in this article.

Right bathroom vanity


First, you see how much space you have got for your unique bathroom vanities. Because the free space will decide the size of vanity, you can get. If you have vast free space, then get a dual sink vanity. If your bathroom is small, then you should get single stone topped oak vanities. There are small vanities that can save your space, and if you do not want any storage, then you can get a free standing vanity.

2. Place

The place where you put your unique bathroom vanities is also important. If you place the vanity just behind the door, then the door can hit the vanity every time you open the door. You do not want to hide your power plugs behind the vanity. So check where the power plugs are located. Do not get an oversized vanity that will restrict you from easy movement in the bathroom.

3. Storage

You can get your vanity with storing system both under and above the vanity. The dual storing system can add flexibility to your unique bathroom vanities. You can store much more stuff with a dual storing system. They can look good if you design them wisely.

4. Styles

You can get various styles in vanities. You can choose according to your plan among the designs of unique bathroom vanities. You obviously do not want to compromise on the style you want, and you can get exactly what you like.

The top of vanities is an important part of unique bathroom vanities. The top should be such that it will be easy to clean. Top of vanities can get dirty with water, soap; toothpaste, etc. if the material of vanity top cannot be cleaned easily then it will look really bad.

5. DesignDesign

There different designs from which you can choose. If you like simple and smarter designs, then you should get single stone topped oak vanities for your bathroom. These vanities can be creative and save space in your bathroom. Mission style can be made of wood, and these vanities are usually high priced.

Traditional vanities are inspired by the 1920s art, and they are designs of Europe. Whatever unique bathroom vanities you choose always remember that it has to match the style of your home and your bathroom.

6. Materials

Materials are another important consideration for your bathroom vanities. You will use it regularly, and you surely want them to be durable. Stone topped oak vanities are preferred if you are considering the durability of you bathroom vanities.