Popular Roofing Styles for Various Architectural Designs


There are a variety roofing styles today, with each able to unify the architectural design of the house. In the same way, a person’s hair highlights his face; a roof highlight’s the aesthetic quality of the whole building. Some of the most recognizable roofing styles are best suited for particular architectural styles in vogue. There are many architectural styles popular across the United States.. Many of these are architectural styles from Europe while others are developed right in the U.S. Like European architecture, houses need to be as sturdy and practical as they are beautiful.

Roofing styles

Gable and Valley Roofsroofing

The American Craftsman style is one of the most common architectural styles because of its practicality and appealing appearance. An American Craftsman style normally has two floors with an attic that opens to dormer windows. American Craftsman houses normally have gable, box gable, or hip and valley roofs, or standard triangular roofs with small or medium slopes.

Gable or hip and valley roofs with high slopes are prominent features in Renaissance and early modern architectural styles, namely Elizabethan, Victorian, and Queen Anne style architecture. There are few distinctions between these styles, but these are incredibly beautiful pieces of architecture. The Victorian and Queen Anne styles are highly decorative and even have shingles for siding. Raleigh Roofing affiliates itself with top roofing material manufacturers to maintain the style characteristic of the conical roofs that cap these houses’ turrets.

Mansard Roof

Colonial styles also feature gable, box gable, and hip and valley roofs. These houses, especially the New England Colonial, Dutch Colonial, and Georgian Colonial houses, are more boxlike. Some of them may also feature a mansard roof, which has either a flat top or a low slope from the ridge with steep slopes toward the eaves. Mansard roofs normally have dormer windows; which are usually omitted in a variation called the gambrel roof.

Dutch gable or jerkinhead roofs

roofsDistinctive from styles mentioned above, Spanish Colonial and Spanish Revival architecture feature simple walls with long but narrow balconies and no siding and low-sloped hip roofs. These kinds of houses may also feature Dutch gable or jerkinhead roofs, best made with metal roofing. Dutch gable or Dutch hip roofs feature a small triangular table before continuing the slope of the roof while jerkinhead roofs are similar with no gable. Roofing Massachusetts contractors usually encounter these houses.

Skillion roofs

Skillion and lean-to roofs are quirky combinations of the skillion roof and the lean-to roof. These roofs have a very low slope and have high aesthetic value. Modernist styles usually adopt this roofing design. Roofing Rhode Island contractors work on these along with their clerestory windows.