Time Management


Time has never been a cheap commodity. It is a resource to accomplish objectives. It is to be used wisely, and it should not be wasted. Time doesn’t wait for anyone it is precious. The following are the causes of poor time management.


You have to think through your choices very carefully, as you should not put them off or just carry them through. Avoid all the unpleasant tasks at any point. It is advisable to choose the correct course of action to complete necessary tasks first. It is vital to plan ahead before executing an activity to stop wasting valuable time by choosing a wrong course of action.

Lack Of Prioritization

Lack of prioritization is a bad practice. It is essential to list all tasks, and they should be done according to their importance from the most to the least essential.

Poor Or No Existing Planning

Things may get on top of an individual if they do not prepare ahead and allocate his/her time appropriately, most likely they will miss activities of high priority. Time has to be integrated and set with your daily list of events. To avoid last minute hurries and frustrations you need to plan ahead and designate enough time. It will allow you to decrease stress caused due to the last minute rush in pushing deadlines and work efficiently.

Inadequate Contingency Arrangements

One doesn’t wait for disasters to occur, to plan his ideas and evaluates potential problem areas, his preference to leave time in his plan for immediate problem areas.

Making Good Use Of Your Diarynoted

Some people do not have a dairy or anything to remind them of the things they are supposed to do at the moment, or even in few days to come. It is important to have a diary and try to put the summary of your activities and most of your details. But if an individual uses his journal correctly alongside his plan; he will see how much time he can save for his project work.


One doesn’t have to restrict delegation of duties to the individuals he is managing.  Plan ahead, evaluating which duties would be fit a particular person to stimulate people and improve their skills. He doesn’t have to do all by himself. His crew should be competent of executing the tasks for him. If they are not competent of doing so, train them and bring them to the expected standard. You can now measure their outcomes as part of their growth.